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The point of no return (Ejaculation control for men)

Can you last as long as you want?

Most men come within 3-5 minutes from the moment they penetrate.
Some men last even less than that.

In the previous video in this series, we discussed how finding your ‘Why’ can help you last longer in bed (watch it here)

But how do you actually do that?

To last longer and really be in control of your ejaculation, you need to recognize your ‘point of no return’. That is the point where your pleasure suddenly increases, you can’t stop anymore, and a few seconds later, you ejaculate.

To discover the simple trick to help you last longer, watch this video and submit your questions below:

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  1. I was aware of the effectiveness of this technique, but you definitely made me look at it differently. I used to think that sex can only end with ejaculation and that I had to ejaculate at some point. This was the idea I had received from the media, friends and porn. However, I am very thankful for hearing someone say something else for once. It assures me in believing that the best thing about intimacy is not the climax but the act itself. I read so much on various sides and I had lost confidence in myself for a while, but your videos remind me of what really matters and assure me in my conceptions.

  2. Hey Eyal. Great video and it certainly adds to my knowledge. Wanted to post here today as after doing some self practice the energy is just buzzing in me and my reflection is around is that just me being a bit of a conduit or is it part of the practice. Not that I’ve been practicing consistently for a couple of weeks but rather even just some practice, some basic movement of energy just fills me up. Today I’m enthusiastic about life, excited to be alive and feeling like I can do whatever I put my mind to and feeling very open and loving.
    It will be interesting to see how this changes over the coming week: What part of this is cyclic for me, what part to do with ejaculation control, what would happen if I ejaculated and would this change how I feel?
    I can also state that I’m finding self practice a lot easier than practice with a partner. Being with her within that intimate space can be like living with a gun that has a hair trigger. Looking forward to your continuing sharing of knowledge.

  3. Yes, so my why is clear after many years learning much about this. Disipline is certainly the next step. Quite simply, the power to choose, freedom of choice. this is my why.

    • I’m glad to hear.
      How’s it going for you with the practice?

  4. Hi…just one question…what about if when pausing the erction goes away and moving the energy up can cUse the lost of erection?

  5. How many times should I pause in one session ?

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