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Testimonial for coaching sessions

This just came in, from a 20-something year old woman who had around 5 skype sessions me:

I have been working with Eyal for 3 months now and I will never be the same.

Before my coaching sessions with Eyal I believed that i was incapable of having an orgasm. I thought i was broken, deficient and that the sex i had been having for years was the best it would ever be.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I have discovered my sexuality, which i had shunned for so many years under layers of shame and guilt and misinformation.
I have felt my own feminine energy ripple throughout my being and its power surge through my veins. I have connected intimately with my self in a way i thought i never could, experiencing orgasms that i thought i was incapable of having. my confidence has increased, my reality has completely altered and a very integral part of my self is being healed.

The best part is that this is only the beginning, my journey has just begun. i can now look forward to a world full of loving surrender, blissful pleasure, energy,power and mind blowing, divine, full body energetic orgasms. tell me that doesn’t sound wonderful!

I encourage you all, who ever you may be and what ever path you’re on to take a leap into the unknown and to be transformed into the beautiful sexual being that you are.

I can’t thank you enough Eyal, for your encouragement, patience, discipline and knowledge.

Thank you.

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