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Welcome TantraPunk listeners

I’m glad you enjoyed the interview so much that you decided to visit this page.

Here are a few resources I’ve mentioned in the interview:

“Orgasm Unleashed – your guide to pleasure, healing, and power” – read a free excerpt or buy the kindle or paperback versions.

Go here for the Free ejaculation-control training.

The problem with the sex industry and my vision for a conscious sex industry.

I have a few spots open each year for private one-on-one coaching via skype. I work with business women (and occasionally, men) who understand that mastering their sexuality would transform their business and life. Get more info and schedule a free discovery call here.

To inquire about partnerships or organizing a workshop in your country, contact my assistant at [email protected]

Thanks again for listening, and I wish you to go out there and unleash your sexual power.