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Sharon Hoffman interviews Eyal

I had a great time being interviewed by Sharon Hoffman on her podcast.

Download here:

Here’s her blurb:

I am really excited about this interview. I get all upfront & personal about a topic that ALL of us enjoy, desire and perhaps don’t realise the true healing and power behind….yep, I am talking about orgasms!

So much to unpack today – it’s a goodie!

I get raw and juicy with Eyal Matsliah, A sexual empowerment Coach and also the author of“Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power”. This is a guide for not only women but also men. It teaches you how to become deeply orgasmic by yourself and how can share this with your partner.

We talk about his work, empowering people and sexual healing through his embodiment work. Healing sexual or emotional trauma through a form of massage and touch. This is so interesting!

So many great tips for men, especially how to truly be in your pleasure and your partners pleasure, by communicating how you like things done

He talks me through a great process for lovers to use, encouraging partners to talk about how they like to be touched and how they want to touch their partner – I sooooo love this process!

Eyal defines orgasmic bliss. Allowing yourself to relax into ecstasy….surrender into your orgasmic bliss..

How important it is to set boundaries and agreements with your lover. He advises women to throw out the vibrators and why.

So many great tips and reminders that it all comes back to self love – loving all parts of yourself.

Making time to come back to nourishing our bodies with pleasure practices, stop making excuses and start to connect to the pleasure of life.

There is also a free program for men – which he covers at the end of the interview. Teaching men the art of pleasuring their lover through techniques, processes and attitude.

Podcast link below: