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Self love. It’s all about self love.

Self love.
The heart of my work with others (and with myself), is self love, self worth, self acceptance and self confidence.

We are all running around trying to get love and validation from others.

Putting others ahead of us.
Adhering to others’ needs and expectations.
Trying to fit in.
Trying to get love, appreciation, recognition.

When that doesn’t work, we numb the pain with food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, shopping, TV, work, cleaning, sleep or food (Yes, food, again)

But if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t REALLY love your self, nothing external will ever be enough.

If you don’t love yourself, you will always reach a glass ceiling in every area of your life. You might think you’re successful now, but you have no idea how powerful, influential and rich you could be if you really loved yourself.

So, what to do?

Take self-love as your first priority.
Notice all the ways in which you give away your time, love and power.
Notice all the ways in which you put yourself down.
Notice the evil voice in your head giving you a hard time.
Don’t react to it.
Just notice it.
Take frequent pauses, breaks and mini (or even micro) vacations.
Nurture yourself.
Take a self pleasuring practice.
That’s the actual proof that you’re taking time for yourself and learning to connect with yourself.
Write down all the things you love and appreciate about yourself.

This is just a partial list, as so much more is shared during my workshops and sessions.

How are you dealing with the issue of self love?

What have you done to deepen your self love ?

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