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Road blocks are road signs (live coaching session)

What happens when you face a “road block” in your personal or professional life?

How can you see it in a different light ?

What does it open ?

Year ago i was holding only bodywork sessions.

I was staying in this AMAZING villa in Stockholm, Sweden, on the shores of a lake, and right next to a national park. It was very special to hold sessions there.

And then it snowed so hard that the road was blocked and clients couldn’t come for sessions.

I remember the fear, the feeling of being stuck, the frustration.

And then, something shifted… inside.

I realized this is an opportunity.

So i started holding coaching sessions over skype.

Fast forward a few years, and now most of my sessions are held over skype and phone.

My client Laura Douwes, a massage practitioner based in Amsterdam, shared with me that her wrist is hurting, and thus she can’t do massage and can hardly use the laptop and even the phone. She felt fear and frustration. She called it a “road block”.

So we re-framed the situation.

This isn’t a road block.

It’s a road SIGN.

It reminds her that she can’t rely on physical massage, that she has many more gifts that she wants to share – holding a loving space, hugging, cuddling, energy work, and probably other services as well.

Watch this live coaching session in sunny cafe in Amsterdam.

The obstacle is the way