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Q: a man wanting to be dominated

my fantasy is to be dominated by a woman. Tied maybe and/or blindfolded. Not so much pain focussed but being used by her for her pleasure. I would like her dressed in just knickers and bra and rub herself on me. Rubbing her pussy on my face, not caring if I can breathe properly and using my cock for her pleasure. Fucking me with her breasts and biting and licking me. Then just filling herself with my cock and Fucking me for her pleasure.
Well this is a fantasy as I still struggle to control my ejaculation after 2 years and really without that the fantasy can only go so far but am still hopeful.

Thanks for sharing.
This is a beautiful fantasy.

1. If you want a woman to use you for her pleasure, you need to accept she will do whatever she wants , which isn’t necessarily what you asked for. if you want her to do something specific, then she’s not using you for her pleasure, rather she is serving you by adhering to your request. it’s good to be clear on that.

2. You can already experience some of this. If you engage with a lover you can :
a. ask her to specifically do some of the things you mentioned
b. ask her to use you for her pleasure

You can ask her to avoid bringing too much stimulation to your cock so you don’t ejaculate too soon. There’s so much to do with the rest of the body.

3. If you want to learn how to last longer, watch this online “ejaculation control” program which has already helped many other men.

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