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Eyal Matsliah Public speaker


Eyal is available for speaking engagements around Australia.

Public speaking is his passion and gift, and he is comfortable in front of 5 or 500 people.

He is described as funny, insightful, intense and loving.

His talks and workshops aim to open the audience’s mind to new realities, give them a taste of what’s possible and empower them to continue their journey.

Eyal has previously held workshops and talks around the world, including Byron spirit festival, Sex-camp (aka Celebrating sexuality), Angsbacka Sweden, Bliss Ireland, United Bliss Berlin, and others.

A few options for presentations:

1. The Tantra of business – How your sexual empowerment can transform your life and biz

2. Orgasm Unleashed – How a woman can pleasure, heal and empower herself, by herself, and then share that with her partner (Based on his best selling book by the same name)

3. Ejaculation control – How a man can learn to last longer, bring his partner to ecstasy, and rock his mission !
Women are welcome to attend, so they learn why and how to support their partner.

More experiential sessions are also possible.

To discuss what talk or workshop will work best for you, please contact him.

Tantra as personal development – A presentation at a festival in the Netherlands: