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Orgasmic transformation after 4 months of skype coaching

A client shares:

“My orgasmic experiences:

High sensitivity at the entrance of the vagina, lips awaken when I gently squeeze and stroke them.
Around the clit deeper sensations, not sharp, but soft, embracing.
G-spot: very longing, very present, bright, clear, sweet. Squirted after orgasms when the G-spot is involved.
Further near the cervix: profound, massive, very material and overwhelming, at the sides of the cervix exploring, sometimes dump without feeling. After a while of working on these places orgasms can happen.
Internally orgasmic, vibrant, whole body covering shivers. This can appear in stillness, when I’m lying and I can partly experience this state by will and expand it to different regions of the body to dissolve tensions, trying to become softer and more flexible.
Room and space to meditate.
Activation of third eye very strong.
This night also experienced strong heart-gasms.

This comes from the dedication to love myself”

This is from a client i’ve been coaching over skype for a few months.

All my clients experience some kind of orgasmic awakening, and in some cases a total transformation of their orgasm and sexuality, with huge effects on their life.

What is possible for you?

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