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Men: How to share an orgasmic hug with a woman

I’m sorry to say this, but most men have no idea how to pleasure a woman.

I know that because i used to be one those men.

Women share with me that men make many mistakes:

They are too much in their heads, and too focused on technique.

They touch a woman as if she was a man – They touch her too early, to directly, and usually too strong.

They pleasure the woman but she feels pressured to orgasm, so she doesn’t.

Or they bring her to orgasm and then she feels depleted and disinterested in sex.

Or they are just focused on their own pleasure, so the woman feels “used” and that her boundaries have been crossed.

Many men copy what they see in porn.

They do too much.

Other men are afraid to do anything, so they either keep asking the woman for directions, or, worse, do nothing.

I don’t accuse these men, because we all grow up in a society that doesn’t teach us about love and pleasure, and instead we have the porn epidemic.

So. how to pleasure a woman ?
To pleasure a woman, you need to be relaxed and feel your body.

Understand it’s not about the technique, the secret orgasmic points, or how many things you can do at the same time.

First connect with her, and learn how to stay connected throughout the experience.

Wait before you “escalate” (kiss or touch anywhere “sexy”).

Approach her lips/breasts/ass/vagina (and anywhere, really), AROUND and AROUND for a few minutes, building pleasure and expectation, then gradually go there, pause and let her reciprocate.

An excellent way to learn how to relate with a woman, is by learning how to share an orgasmic hug, that later might turn into foreplay and sex.

Watch a 15 minutes video, where i explain it and show it on a beautiful woman, here.

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