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On Women’s Beautiful Body Hair

The other day i shared with a woman i saw on the dance floor that i appreciate the fact she’s not shaving her armpits.
She was so touched and grateful to hear that and shared that she gets indirect and direct criticism from both men and women.
This is a sentiment i’ve heard from other women as well.

When i interact sexually with a woman who has pubic hair, i always express my appreciation and, again, i hear how other men and women criticize her for that.

I am assuming less women get criticized for shaving, waxing or other forms of hair removal, compared with women who let their body hair grow.

I see this as yet another aspect of sexual repression, feminine repression, and standards of body image which make women feel not good enough, feel forced to adhere to these standards, and make men expect these standards.

You are free to choose what you do to your own body, but are you really choosing or are you succumbing to cultural norms, standards and expectations?

And whatever your choices, are you celebrating or criticizing women who choose to go natural ?

Personally, i don’t avoid women who remove their hair, and i enjoy smooth skin as well, but i definitely prefer women with natural body hair.

I don’t have a “type” of woman that i’m attracted to but if i had to describe it i’ll say that my type is…


Well, naturally…

This is not just about my own sexual preferences.

This is about people’s freedom to present their body as they feel called to.

What are your own experiences with body hair – yours or other’s?

I’ve originally shared this on FB and the there’s a lively discussion there. join the discussion on my FB wall.