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No more workshops!!!


Lately I was very busy organizing and preparing for a weekend workshop in the Netherlands.

Despite of all the work, not many people signed up.

I was frustrated.

I had thoughts about not holding any more workshops for the near future. It takes so much time and effort from me and the team, takes me away from creating content that can be shared with more people, and honestly doesn’t pay much.

To confirm my doubts, a colleague in the Tantra world repeated his advice from over a year ago: Don’t bother about workshops. Too much hassle.

But while holding the workshop this past weekend in Rotterdam, i got reminded of how much I love doing this, love sharing the teachings I received and my own experience, love witnessing the change and transformation in the participants lives, how they own their sexuality and discover their power, and love learning from their questions.

My intention for the weekend was “Flow”, and indeed it was probably the easiest workshop I’ve held since my last workshop with Emma and the TantraIsLove team over a year ago. I had a clear and detailed structure, and allowed myself to deviate from it to accommodate for the inspiring discussions and questions that came up.

I also got reminded of how much I love speaking in front of an audience, love the energy of a group of people shouting moaning and shaking, and the satisfaction of helping a bunch of people at once, instead of just coaching individuals.

The feedback and testimonials are motivating me as well:

A million words are going through my mind to describe the transformation inside me, but there are no words. I feel it in every cell of my body. Thank you Eyal IntimatePower for creating the space and the work that you do. And I am thanking myself for allowing me to be a part of this workshop. I am radiant!

Rotterdam intimatepower workshop participants May 2014


So, I’ve decided to keep holding workshop and i’m finding the ways to make it easier for me and the team, to reach more people, to create an even better experience for participants, and also to make it more profitable.

I am planning another Level 1 workshop in the Netherlands, a Level 2 workshop that will include more secret techniques and hands on exercises, as well as a practitioner training workshop later in the year.

Stay tuned for details and dates.

I am so grateful, humbled, excited, inspired and touched to be doing this work and share it with others.

With Love and Gratitude,



We ended up having 17 paying participants – not bad for a first workshop in a country.