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My story

The girls at school used to say, “Eyal, you’re sick”.

“No”, I replied with a smile, “I’m just very healthy”.

I have been fascinated by sexuality, spirituality, science and business since an early age.

Throughout my life I have yo-yo-ed between these different realms, never quite finding where I belong.

In my 20s, I have worked in the corporate world, had a job I loved, an apartment in the middle of the city, a shiny new motorbike, a girlfriend, and a lot of money to enjoy the good things in life.

But something was missing.

So in 2001, I went for a 3 months vacation that turned into a year and a half in Asia. After the parties and drugs, I re-connected with the spiritual realm.

Wishing to integrate my new yoga and meditation practice with my former life,  I went back to the corporate world, had an even better job and more money, and was doing some yoga.

But again something was missing.

So I headed back east.

I discovered Tantra in 2005 and it changed my life. I realized I have been practicing it before i even knew what it was.

I lived for seven years on a tropical island in an alternative community, exploring Tantra, Yoga, Spirituality, attending workshops and seminars, doing months of meditation retreats every year, studying philosophies, practicing different healing modalities, and exploring everything that interested me. I was the most entrepreneurial yogi in that community. I turned my hobbies into gifts that I shared with others and later charged for them. I once cooked hummus for 100 people. I taught people how to make chocolate that would make them orgasm.

But something was still missing.

I felt called to share these teachings with people in the west,

So I left the protected yoga bubble and headed back into western civilization.

Since then, I have been more on my mission, living my purpose, and expressing myself, than ever before.

I co-founded a Tantra school that quickly became an instant success (read:attendees, reputation, and $$).

A year later I realized two things:

1. I am a control freak and I can’t have a co- with me.

2. As much as I loved Tantra and sexuality, I actually yearned to integrate spirituality, sexuality, mission, personal development and entrepreneurship.

So I’ve left that Tantra school to my friend and co-founder, Emma, and founded IntimatePower.

And again, what i’m creating is appealing to people.
The website is on the first page of google.
The mailing list is growing.
New workshops are scheduled.
My client list is expanding while my rates are going up.

This website, my coaching sessions, and my transformational workshops are about this integration:

Being a sexual, loving, and spiritual person.
Expressing your gifts, helping others, and making tons of money.
Living a life of passion, meaning, contribution, and abundance.

My greatest satisfaction is helping someone step into their power, own  their sexuality, and turn their talent into an offering they can charge for.

I’m also into traveling, food and cooking, languages, conscious dance, music, technology, environmentalism, conscious business, life style design, cinema and nature.

In my offerings I am able to integrate and express many of my passions.

The music I play at the workshop touches people’s hearts, and gets them to move their body.

I live a healthy life style and the snacks I serve the attendees at my workshops are healthy.

My private clients get recommendations of films that inspire them in their particular offering.

I use Technology as a tool to reach more people and create a bigger impact.


I am not a sri, a baba, or a guru. I am not enlightened although my bold head shines under strong light.
I am far from perfect and still facing the same challenges I help people with.

I have a dorky sense of humor.

I am here because I’m dedicating my life to studying and practicing what I’m passionate about, because I’m totally committed to my purpose, and because I studied with amazing teachers.
They include: Swami Vivekananda Saraswati (Agama Yoga), Sahajananda (Hridaya yoga), David Deida, Baba Dez (ISTA),Tony Robbins, and my closest friends. My clients have probably taught me the most profound lessons.

This website, my work, and my life, are consecrated and dedicated to the realization and expression of our highest potential and our divine self.

If this resonates with you, contact me to schedule a session, and include a brief (!) description of your situation and your goals.



  1. Thank you for sharing your journey and for letting us know that you are still on the journey. Love and light 🙂

  2. 7 years on a tropical island paradise … tell me more

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