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Mentoring for sexuality practitioners

Are you a sex-worker or a respected sexuality expert?

Many women in the tantric massage arena and the sex industry are mere service providers.

They massage, they rub, and they get paid.

Some of them need to be naked in order to attract or retain clients.

Others need to be available on a moment’s notice, rely on day-to-day bookings, and work with clients they don’t like.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

How would you feel:

  • If you offered a holistic service to your clients, including bodywork, coaching, wellness, energy work and any other of your gifts and talents?
  • If you only did what you liked and enjoyed, under your own terms?
  • If you were able to sign clients up for an ongoing journey?
  • If you could get paid more than your colleagues and have more free time?
  • If you had a reputation as a leader in the field of sexuality?

Orgasm Unleashed by Eyal MatsliahMy name is Eyal Matsliah, and i’m the author of ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing, and power’, which was an amazon best seller and received rave reviews.

I am on a mission to help people express their sexual, creative, and professional potential.

I’ve been practicing and teaching Tantra and sacred sexuality since 2000, and have turned from a mere bodyworker to a leader in the field.

I have received up to US$700 for a single bodywork session.

I’ve doubled my skype coaching rates every year for the past two years.

I have guided and empowered hundreds of people, and I can help you!

“Eyal helped me leave my agent after our very first session.
In the weeks that followed I made three times the money I had made without my agent in a fraction of the time.
I am running my very first workshop, committing to becoming a self published author, developing online products and establishing myself as a leader in the sex industry (as opposed to a sex worker).” ~Alejandra Nicollazo, High-end escort turned sexuality-educator


Let’s have a strategy session to see where you are at and how I can help you. You will receive valuable insights about your underlying issues and we will explore a few possible solutions.
If I see that we are a good ‘match’ for a coaching journey, I will invite you to join the exclusive ‘inner circle’ of private coaching clients.