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Mark Hyman on functional medicine and low-carb diet

I’ve been on a relatively low-carb and high-fat diet for a while, and feel better than ever. It was a huge step to give up rice, buckwheat, quinoa and other carbs, but it’s totally worth it.

I’m not extreme though – i still have a bit of gluten-free bread and the occasional french fries or chocolate etc.

This is an insightful interview with Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, who practices “Functional medicine” and supports the high-fat diet.

A few highlights:

  • How our thinking about the role of fat in our diets got backwards
  • The key to changing your hormones so you’re not hungry all the time
  • What the US Government JUST changed in their food recommendations (opposite of what they used to say)
  • The shocking statistic about how much white flour raises your blood sugar
  • Why Dr. Hyman says we MUST stop supporting factory farms
  • Incredible stories of people curing chronic diseases by righting the bacteria in their gut
  • What specific changes Dr. Hyman would make in our country’s laws and policies around food if he had unlimited money and power
  • Plus much more…