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Intimate Power named one of the finalists in the ASBCA

Intimate Power

Sexual Empowerment company named one of the finalists on the “new business” category in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards (ASBCA).

[Melbourne, Victoria March 13th 2016] Eyal Matsliah, a sexual empowerment coach and owner of a sexual empowerment company, Intimate power, is glad to announce that his company is one of the finalists on the “new business” category in the coveted Australian small business champion awards (ASBCA).

ASBCA has, since 1999, demonstrated its ability to consistently identify outstanding small businesses with enterprising spirits and empowering them to become instrumental drivers of the country’s economy.

Intimate power offers sexual education and empowerment through articles, books, videos, interviews, online programs, weekend workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. More than 60,000 visit their website every month looking for solutions for their sexual challenges.

“Sexual empowerment is the missing piece from the coaching, business and wellness fields” said Eyal. “I am happy that sexual empowerment is finally starting to get recognized by the business sector and the importance of sex education in fighting epidemics like pornography, sexual dysfunction and infidelity are being appreciated”

After going through the sexual empowerment program, one of his clients, Perth-based Stephanie Johnson, a woman’s empowerment coach, had this to say:

“Upon recognizing, owning and harnessing my sexual energy I noticed the shift in my own energy which created more space and growth in my business. I found more time, more freedom and more space. This in turn allowed the business to develop and grow on its own without my masculine dominating energy”

About Eyal Matsliah

Eyal is a sexual empowerment coach who helps holistic professionals harness their sexual energy to transform their creativity, business and wellbeing.

His best-selling book “Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to Pleasure, Healing and Power”, was endorsed by female sexuality educators and described by one of them as “the best orgasm guide for women”. It teaches a woman how to become deeply orgasmic by herself, and later share that with her partner.

Eyal is also the creator of the “sexual empowerment movement” initiative, which aims to integrate sexual empowerment into the education, coaching, personal development, wellness, and business fields.

Eyal is available for interviews, guest articles and expert opinion.

Free workshop tickets are available to journalists to cover the growing social phenomena of sexual empowerment workshops.

Email your postal address to receive a paperback copy or read the pdf version at:

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About the Awards

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is an initiative that identifies and supports outstanding small businesses from all over Australia. The program started in 1999 and has since built its reputation as the “Oscars” for Australia’s small business sector and is so far the only initiative of its caliber that honours the achievements of small businesses across Australia. Small enterprises viable for this award are often hard working ventures that immensely contribute to their local communities by creating employment opportunities and driving economic development.

For more information about the award, visit

Contact Information

Contact Person:

Eyal Matsliah,

Sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker.

Email: [email protected]