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If you only knew how beautiful you are

If only you knew.
If only you knew how beautiful you are.
If only you knew how gorgeous, how attractive, how special you are.

If only you saw what other people see in you.

Not just your physical beauty.
But rather, the beauty of you, of who you are.

Your mind says “i’m not this and i’m not that”, “that’s not true”, “they are only saying this to be nice”.

If only you allowed yourself to believe all the positive things they say.

If only you knew how much you are loved, respected, cherished, appreciated, and cared for.

Some say that you shouldn’t derive your self worth from what other people say about you.

Sure, self worth and self acceptance starts with your, well, self.

But why not let other people be the mirror reflecting your inner and outer beauty back at you?

If only you allowed yourself to believe it, receive it and let it in.

Just say “yes”.
Just say “thank you”.

Is it finally time to stop finding issues, faults and problems with yourself?

Is it finally time to love yourself?

Is if finally time to let yourself be seen?

Maybe it’s time to believe that you *are* beautiful.
Not because i say it.
But just because it’s true.

It’s so inspiring to see somebody shine and embrace themselves.

Just allow yourself to be healthy-ly proud.
Err on the side of proud.

Celebrate who you are.
Shout it from the rooftops.
Sing your praises.

Celebrate anything that used to be an issue.
Notice that your past issues become your greatest assets.

Express yourself, your beauty, and what you are good at.

Your expression of who you truly are is a gift for everyone around you.

Allow your self to be seen.

We want to see you.

Thank you.