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If you build it – they will… what?

“If you build it – they will come”?


That’s the kind of new-age non-sense that keeps talented people broke, and unknown.

That’s what keeps your gift un-given.

That’s what keeps people from benefiting from your art or service.

That’s what separates an amateur from a professional.

You could be the greatest artist, healer or coach in the world.

But if you don’t shout if from the roof tops, announce it, promote it, market it, advertise it, and try to sell it, “they” will not come, not acknowledge you, not receive your gift, and not pay you money.


“If you build it, if it provides value and if you market the hell out of it – they will come!”.

And actually:

“If you market it – they will come” ~Eyal Matsliah

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