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How to stick to your new year’s resolutions

The new year approaches.
Like every year, you make new years resolutions.

Then, around January 3rd, or at most January 20th, you stop doing them.

The next time you think about your past year’s “new year’s resolutions” is when the next year approaches.

So, how do you make and keep a new year’s resolution?

By setting the right ones.

Last year i was at a new year’s eve party, and as midnight approached there was a ritual to guide people in setting their intentions for the new year.
We were asked to think about what we wanted to let go off or achieve.
At first i had many ideas on what my intention should be, and I couldn’t choose which one to focus on.

But then i heard a deeper voice, saying “I don’t want anything, I surrender to life, I want to be led”.

So “I want to be led” became my new year’s intention and resolution.
… And i had an amazing year.
I worked less than i did in the past decade, had fun, focused on my own healing, went deeper into dance and expanded my hobbies. And throughout the year, i allowed myself  to be led… Led by my intuition even when my mind didn’t agree… Led by other people so that it was less about me choosing and deciding… Led by life and things that were happening.

So, first of all, i invite you to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and allow your mind to relax.
Ask yourself – what is the simplest thing i want to commit to?
Don’t try to think about it.
Instead, allow it to come to you.
Boil it down to one short sentence.

Then, write it down, first in your journal, and then make sure you see it all around you – stick it on your computer, physical desktop, fridge, car dashboard, dresser, or door.
Create a daily morning alert in your schedule, that beeps and reminds you of your intention.
Include it in your morning meditation, prayer, or intention setting.
Block out half hour a week to contemplate how you’re doing, and what else you can do to make your intention a reality.
Partner up with someone in my women’s group or men’s group to keep each other accountable.
Share your progress in the group, especially if your intention is related to your sexuality.

If you’re feeling stuck, schedule a “Taster” session to see how I can help you.