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How I chose between business and pleasure

Are you torn between two passions that you want to pursue?

I actually had 3 passions i had to choose from.

I became successful as a sexual healer and educator, co-founded a Tantra school, held sessions, talks and weekend workshops, and was known as the “tantra dude”.

But i also had a passion for personal development (creativity, growth, spirituality) and entrepreneurship.

I was seeing talented practitioners struggle with their business because of their mindset, limiting beliefs, lack of action or the wrong action.

I realized that business is one of the best vehicles for expressing our gifts, talents and potential. And I wanted to share my own insights and experience as a yogi-turned-to-businessman and to help people with their business.

But how could I combine sexuality and business? Sounds too much like sex-business, doesn’t it?

After a year of tinkering with it, i’ve found the secret sauce:

I mentor conscious business women to express their sexual, creative and professional potential. When they become massively orgasmic, more self-loving, and better connected to their femininity, it transforms their lives.
I help them to express their highest gifts, help others, and generate wealth.

Nowadays, everyone who works with me says “I came to you because you combine sexuality, creativity and business”. I’m probably one of the only coaches in the world who do that.

My brand — Intimate-Power reflects this integration.

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