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Goddess Awakening Sessions (Beyond Yoni Massage)

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People often ask me if I offer “yoni massage”.

Well, in the first 7 years of my tantric journey, i did call it “yoni massage”.

But then I realized it’s not just about the “yoni” and it’s not just a “massage”.

So i started calling it the “Goddess Awakening session”.

“Eternally grateful!” ~ Layla Martin, Sexuality educator, USA.

The session might include genital touch if I feel you are ready for that, but it’s above and beyond “yoni massage”.

This is an initiation into the core of your femininity, sexuality and unique essence.

A few different aspects are available:

    1. Verbal counseling and guided self-pleasuring without me touching you (great for skype)
    2. The wheel of consent
      1. Serving, Accepting, Taking and Allowing
      2. Learn to ask EXACTLY for what you want and how you want it
      3. Desires and boundaries – Learn to feel and verbally express both your “Yes” and your “No”
    3. The pleasure sessions – Tantric bodywork, guiding you to long deep orgasmic states

Benefits for women:

  • Sexual empowerment and independence – Learn how to reach and maintain long orgasmic states by yourself
  • Experience deeper self love and acceptance of your body
  • Embrace your feminine essence and shine as the woman you are
  • Deepen your trust and love for men
  • Resolve sexual pain and trauma – once and for all !
  • Let go of effort and tension. Relax into total surrender and peace
  • Harness your sexual energy to be more creative, confident and successful

Benefits for couples:

  • Improve your communications (men women speak a different language)
  • Expand your range of sexual experiences, non-genital sex and whole-body experiences
  • Improved sex life and relationship
  • Learn how to pleasure, receive and enjoy each other while respecting your boundaries

Benefits for men:

  • Learn how to read the subtle cues that your partner is giving all the time
  • How to look at, talk with, hug, hold, touch, heal and pleasure your partner
  • Feel more confident in your masculinity and see it transform your life


Here’s Susan Santoro, woman’s business coach, describing my “goddess awakening” workshop:

Sessions are facilitated with Tantric bodywork, holistic sexual healing, de-armoring, energy work, NLP,  and other modalities.

Sessions are held face-to-face or over skype. You will be amazed what is possible without touch.

Schedule a discovery session to discuss your specific needs of having a “Goddess awakening session”.

“There I was, a person who not so long ago felt almost asexual and pleasure-fobic, in a sort of full body orgasm that lasted for more than two hours… I don´t think I would ever dared on my own or with a lover.” ~ Elena, Medical doctor and Researcher, Sweden

Who am I?

I am a sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker.
I help holistic professionals to transform their creativity, business and wellbeing.
I have worked with hundreds of women over the past 12 years, held workshops around the world, and I created the “sexual empowerment movement” which integrates sexual education into coaching, wellness and business.

 My 260-pages best-selling book, ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power’, was endorsed by leading female sexual educators and described as “the best female orgasm book i’ve ever read” by one of them. The skype and bodywork sessions are a way for you to be guided using some of the hundreds of practices that appear in the book.


“Opens up realms for the deepest transformation!” ~ Sanna, sexual healer, Sweden

“Eyal has taught me to take control of my sexual energy.” ~
Shaney Marie, Sexuality Guide & Sacred Arts Educator, Australia

“I felt like a girl trapped in a woman’s body, now I am able to enjoy my sexuality which I never imagined possible.” ~ Kelly Alison, Massage practitioner, USA

Read dozens of testimonials and contact these women for references here:

Schedule a discovery session to discuss your specific needs of having a “Goddess awakening session”.

I’m also teaching men how to pleasure, heal and empower women – contact for more details.

Eyal guided me through a solo process whereby I accessed a deep and powerful orgasmic state that lasted over an hour.

Whole body orgasms filled my body, the waves were incredibly pleasurable and ecstatic, and the experience took my heart & consciousness to a place where I felt like I was connecting to Universal Source. This incredibly ecstatic experience completely changed the way I view and experience orgasm and ever since then I have felt deep orgasmic pleasure on a daily basis. I’m eternally grateful for Eyal, and eternally grateful for my immense orgasmic potential.

-Juliet Allen, Sexologist

“All stories revealed themselves and fell away.”

Goddess awakening sessions. Empowering, educational, challenging, giving in to what is. Eyal always there to support, love encourage, challenge. There are not enough words to describe. I’d say book 3 sessions! The Goddess Awakening gave me the experience of enlightenment for 2 days. Literally all stories revealed themselves and fell away. I was storyless. It felt very natural, and that feels grand.