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Every wave of pleasure is…


[This is directed at women but applies to men as well]

Think about some of your best masturbation or love making experiences.

Regardless if you orgasmed or not, you might be aware that you had pleasure. Maybe it happened when your lover held you, when he touched your nipples, when he kissed and licked your yoni, or when he was inside you.

It might have manifested in various ways: Pleasurable sensations in your genitals; shivers or goose bumps; tingling; throbbing or pulsating sensations; contractions in your genital area; feeling of electricity, heat, or other sensations going up your spine or throughout your body; gentle convulsions or small involuntary body movements; or maybe a strong emotion which felt somewhat physical.

“Did you orgasm? No, but I had a lot of pleasure”

Remember that as you were aware of those sensations, even for a brief moment, there was less mind activity, less chatter. You were probably more connected to your body, more in the moment. Perhaps you started to relax, let go, and surrender into the sensation, into the moment. Maybe even a momentary dissolution into the sensation, or a perception shift, as if for a split second, you forgot where you were and what was going on, and just focused on the sensation, on the pleasure.

Pleasure… dissolution… surrender… It kinda sounds like an orgasm, doesn’t it?


In quantity those pleasurable sensations might have been very light.
But in quality, every pleasurable sensation is a mini orgasm.

Every pleasurable sensation is a mini orgasm


When you learn to recognize that, your experience of your body and your sexuality transforms.

You are no longer just focused or dependent on strong peaks of orgasm, but are able to enjoy the lightest sensation, any kind of touch, any part of the sexual act, because in essence, you are always orgasming, just in a very subtle and refined way.

These sensations, these mini orgasms, are a portal, a gateway, a path into stronger pleasure, into stronger and longer orgasms, into different kinds of orgasmic experiences, and into a shift in consciousness.
You might be asking yourself “Is it really an orgasm, or is it just pleasure?”

If you see these sensations, these waves of pleasure, as “just pleasure”, they will remain that – just pleasure.

But by giving meaning and importance to something, it grows, expands and improves.

By recognizing every wave of pleasure as orgasm, you will be aware of more sensations, feel more pleasure, and become more orgasmic. You will be able to orgasm more easily and frequently, and have different kinds of orgasms.

When you will see every wave of pleasure as an orgasm, you will be swept by waves of orgasm

Exercise – Wave of pleasure

Do a self pleasuring practice, as explained here. Give special attention to touching, caressing, rubbing your entire body using different kinds of touch, intensity, pressure, etc.

First of all, enjoy those sensations and celebrate them as mini-orgasms.

Then, see how you can expand and deepen the pleasure and the sensation, by doing the following:


  • Focus your mind and awareness on the sensation
  • Visualize the sensation in your mind. What color and shape does it have? What texture? What smell and taste does it have? How does it move? How does it sound?
  • If that sensation is associated with another woman, real or imaginary, how does she look, how does she move and breath, what sounds does she make?
  • Breath into the sensation
  • If the sensation had a sound, what would the sound be? Inhale deeply and make that sound over and over again. If you don’t know what sound to make, just moan, or make a long “aaaaaaah” sound.
  • If the sensation had a movement associated with it, what would it be? Make that movement. If you’re not sure, start moving your body in different ways until it feels “right”.
  • Keep repeating the same action or touch that caused those sensations, even if the sensation disappears for a moment
  • The next time you touch yourself, or have any kind of sexual interaction, bring your awareness into your sensations, into whatever pleasure arises, into whatever is manifesting in your body.

Try this exercise and contact me in a few days to let me know what you experienced.