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Embracing my femininity – personal sharing by Kyla


I’ve asked that question to the women in my private women’s group.

This is what one of them shared, which i find SPOT ON ! :

“i’m a powerful woman… but 10 years ago… i was very much unbalanced, entrepreneur, super mom, super “fit”, extravagant, seduction freak, control freak, go getter… i needed to prove the world I was “wow”.

well… since 6 years ago I started my journey towards myself!

cultivating started by questioning myself what was my femine , what i wanted to keep, to change, to evolve… than trying to feel it. allowing myself to feel connected to my feminine force.

that said, i needed to learn to surrender, let go, stop controlling everything, everyone . actually even listening … to other women.

I thought being a submissive ( BDSM) was a good start… ohhhhhh I started somehow very “wrong” in a masculine way…. but this is another story.

back to the answer: i need less to cultivate my masculinity than my femininity.

to balance both sides my path RE-started ( after the submission era) with meditation, singing with women, having coffee with women, listening to women. it wasn’t easy. i used to judge every woman and to be very nasty with myself. stoping this vicious cycle was key.

gaining weight. accepting it. loving my new body ( it was soooooo hard)

cultivate/ express femininity: I practice “to surrender” : Yin yoga, saying yes for help, asking for help.

I try to listen to my body for example: if i have my blood… i won’t do certain activities. i accept i need to rest. I collect my blood ( and i’m trying out things : painting, using it as a perfume, even tried to drink a little bit…)

I don’t wear underwear in my everyday life ( only in rare occasions and sometimes to play with a lover ) this since … 6-7 years ago. liberation.

i add romance to my everyday life: flowers at home every week, i caress my self with softness and sweetness, i penetrate myself very slowly…. with tones of coconut oil . every morning i listen to feminine goddesses mantras ( sang by women).

i enjoy and do activities with women, take care of my body in a gentle way ( creams, looking at me with kindness in the mirror, perfum, nails done, lipstick power), i wear heels at least 2-3 times a week, wear dresses and skirts at least 2-3 times a week.

i think twice before just “getting things done” : I ask myself why… and if i should take care of it or not ( usually i don’t need to get it done …)

i acknowledge compliments and i feel good about it… i do so many little things in my everyday life to cultivate my femininity… it’s natural to me.

and to counter balance all this sweetness … to keep the balance :
I like real man. i mean not virtual, not ( only) spiritual love or self love .

touching and feeling a huge cock inside myself, being in contact with man skin, fluids, hands, hair and voice. i need to taste masculinity in different forms, it brings me immediately a sensation of balance.

if no man around, i do some hot yoga classes, some strength body exercises ? I wear a pair of jeans with boots.”


What are you resonating with ?

what are you triggered by ?

What are you doing to implement in your own life:

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