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[Open For Limited Time] Ejaculation control program – Last longer in 30 days

How lasting longer could change your life

Learn a simple 5-step process to help you last longer,
gain confidence as a man and take your partner to orgasmic bliss!

From a 1-minute-wonder to lasting all night

‘You came already??’

It had happened again. I had hit it off with this gorgeous Austrian woman at a party, and we’d snuck off back to hers to make love. We passionately made out for a while before she asked me to penetrate her.
I put on a condom.
I entered her…

… and came on the spot.
my heart sank further as I heard those dreaded words:

‘You came already?!?’

I felt terrified that my body would always let me down like this. That I was destined to have short mediocre sex forever.

Do you know the feeling?

My journey through a world of awful advice

From failure to mastery

After practicing this for a while, other men started asking me for advice about how they could solve this problem:

  • How do I stop coming so quickly?
  • How do I last long enough to please my partner?
  • How do I have an orgasm that is truly satisfying?

I became a sexual healer and coach and held sessions and workshops all around the world.
I gradually created a simple process that has helped these men achieve their full potential in bed. Now it has become my mission to help men all over the world over take control of their sexual energy and bring the benefits into the rest of their daily lives.

When we saw each other again, our love making was much more charged than usual and multiple times that day… the effects are obvious (more desire, turned on, aliveness) – Jordan Philips

I had all your content swirling in my head while I was having sex with two amazing Hungarian women and was able to help contribute to both of their orgasms with penetrative sex while I’ve somehow managed not to ejaculate. It’s 1:40 AM after a long day and I’m feeling full of energy and, in fact, heading back to their place now.– Matt S.

The benefits of subliming the sexual energy has been more self-confidence, more energy, more creativity, everything that’s discussed in the program. – Kevin

Learn to last as long as you want

I have coached men individually, but some men couldn’t arrive at my workshops or couldn’t afford the rates i was charging for my private coaching journeys($1000 a month).

That’s why I’ve created the Ejaculation Control Programme, an online course that you can go through from the comfort of your own home. This includes

● Over 10 hours of video, where I talk you through these new mindsets so you can master your self-control
● 5 core modules that will take you through the steps needed to build up a new approach to orgasms
● Each module includes exercises, because yes, this does require regular hands-on practice
● Access to the secret facebook group, so that you can reach out for support from myself and other men on the same journey
● Advanced bonus modules, so that you can learn to bring these skills into a partnership and blow her mind

Through this sexual re-education, you’ll learn to pay attention to your mind & body, gaining a control of your sexual performance that feels completely natural.

Just imagine it. You and your partner lying there filled with the bliss from sharing deep orgasms instead of having her awkwardly comfort you saying ‘it happens to all men sometimes’…

This is why I created my own definition for the premature ejaculation issue that I’ll help you solve. After hearing hundreds of women describe how dissatisfied they were with most men’s performance in bed I came up with the following:


Women on average will take 20 minutes to reach a deep, meaningful orgasm, so coming in 5 minutes just doesn’t sound fulfilling for either of you.

But it’s not even about that.

We’re not just aiming for ticking-the-box mundane sex. We want an experience that creates a deeper connection between the partners. Love making that lasts for as long as both of you want and leaves your body charged and tingling all over.

A 5-Step Process to Orgasm Control

I’m not going to make a ridiculous claim that you’ll become a sex god overnight. We’re talking a proper transformation here, and these things take time.

Past students notice changes appearing quickly, but that the new skillset takes 30 days to really develop.

Ideally, you should find 30 minutes a day for the course. This will be a mixture of reviewing the material, quiet reflection on the suggested topics, and active practice of the new techniques.

You can do this program regardless if you’re single or seeing someone.

This material is arranged as a five-step system to controlling your ejaculation, a method that I’ve developed by coaching men like you. These steps are

1. Why
2. Feel
3. Stop
4. Move
5. Transform

This sequence first addresses the foundations of your thought patterns and moves onto how to master these life-changing skills.

Find your WHY, and confront your issues

We’ll begin with some guided introspection to become aware of what is really motivating you. You will be challenged to get to the truth of why you have sex, and why you want to last longer.

If you figure out your true why, then the how becomes much easier. You’ll begin by confronting these issues and learning new ways of thinking before moving onto…

Learn to FEEL and STOP, and why the point of no-return isn’t where you think it is

Yup, there will be ‘hands-on’ exercises.

With the Feel and Stop exercise, you will learn about and practice
paying attention to your level of arousal,
how the point-of-no-return isn’t where you think it is,
how to control this level of arousal.

From this, you can ride out your own pleasure instead of hitting that dreaded ‘Oh no! Not already?!?’ moment. You’ll adopt an attitude of discovery and exploration, finding out what’s possible outside of the methods of jerking-off you made up as a teenager.

MOVE that built-up energy

Along with the WHY, this is a key part missing from other courses.

With this step, you will move the sharp, intense ejaculation energy away from your genitals and transform it into a whole-body orgasms, without ejaculating. To achieve this, you will learn

Basic ways to move your sexual energy as it builds
How to use breath to move your energy
How to use kegels, and most importantly when to avoid using them

This section by itself will help you last even longer and start experiencing new pleasure sensations.

BONUS: Advanced techniques to move your energy

Many students want to take this part of their learning even further, so I have included a section on advanced techniques. These are the most advanced, powerful and secret skills that i’ve studied in the past 15 years with tantric masters from India, Thailand, and China. You will learn

– The strongest yoga technique to move your energy
– How to correctly perform the “fire breath”
– How to use your mind to move your energy (Look – no hands!)

And how to apply all of this to have amazing sex with your partner

How to apply this to TRANSFORM your sex life

Step 5 is about using these new abilities to transform your partnered activities.

I will show you
– The best ways to discuss these practices with your partner so that they understand and support your practice.
– How to apply your new awareness into having longer, deeper and more awesome sex
– The path to tantric sex, and how to spread your awareness to your partner

I have even made an extra video you can show your partner so that she ‘gets it’. With the tantric lesson, you’ll then be ready to adapt to her needs to grow the pleasure for both of you

BONUS: Troubleshooting

You might hit some stumbling blocks along your journey. Sometimes your control will slip, and you’ll want some extra guidance. That’s why the course includes extra lessons that cover

– Why this practice might be challenging and how to deal with “accidents”
– What to do if you’re feeling too horny
– How to deal with wet dreams
– 20 mistakes to avoid when trying to last longer

If these aren’t enough, then there is a secret facebook group to reach out for advice from others, or with the premium package you will be able to talk through any issues with me.

How deep do you want to go in your love life?

There are two ways to go through the program:

The basic package

The basic package gives you everything mentioned already, including all the videos and bonuses.

But if you really want to get the most out the course then the next option might be better for you:

The premium package (recommended)

The material is all in the basic package, but many people benefit from receiving personal guidance. That is why I would recommend the premium package.

As well as everything in the “basic” package, this includes

– A 1hr skype or phone session with me, so we can talk through any mental blocks you’ve encountered
– 1 month of weekly email support with Eyal – that’s great when you need to ask a question, get some clarity or share that you’ve just lasted for an hour…
– The knowing the you are dedicated to your relationship and mission as a man!

If you want to ensure you master all deep aspects of the course, this is the package for you.

Money Back

100% Money-back guarantee

The testimonials show that the programme works with amazing results. But just in case, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee during the first 30 days after you join the program if you’re the slightest bit unsatisfied.

So even if you’re just curious, why not come have a look. If you decide the course isn’t for you, then you’re free to change your mind.

Choose your package

To make your purchase, select your package below.

You will arrive at the “Teachable” online course platform where you can pay via PayPal or a debit/credit card. Then you will create an account to access all of the content at the online-school.

Premium Package

To breeze through your individual barriers and take control of your sex life, this package includes.

● Over 10 hours of videos and presentations
● Added texts and exercises
● Access to support from the secret Facebook group
● Video excerpts of Eyal’s workshops
● “Advanced techniques to last longer” bonus section
● “How to have tantric sex?” bonus guide
● 1 Skype/phone sessions with Eyal
● 1 month of weekly Email support

$497 USD

Basic Package

If you’re ready to learn a new approach to orgasms, this has all the material you need

● Over 10 hours of videos and presentations
● Added texts and exercises
● Access to support from the secret Facebook group
● Video excerpts of Eyal’s workshops
● “Advanced techniques to last longer” bonus section
● “How to have tantric sex?” bonus guide

$197 USD

P.S It’s time to choose your path

You can carry on as you’ve always done, letting shallow, unfulfilling sex bring you down. Or, you can start learning a new way today.

You can learn to control your orgasms and only come if and when you want to. You’ll start waking up invigorated, having spent an evening intimately connected with your lover reaching ever deeper levels of pleasure.

And if it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you your money back. So, what’s stopping you?


Q: I suffer from Premature Ejaculation (PE) – would it work for me?
A: YES! This is what this program is about

Q: I have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – would it work for me?
A: Although this is not a specific cure for erectile dysfunction, it might help conserve your sexual energy and alleviate some of the psychological issues.

Q: Can I sign up for the additional coaching later?
Yes, but the price is discounted if you buy it at the start. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to upgrade later.

Q: I don’t identify as “straight” or “heterosexual” – Is this for me?
A: Although the program assumes and uses the language of male-female sex, you are very welcome to join and make your own translations and interpretations

Q: How much time do I need to invest in this:
A: 30 minutes a day will already give you great results. More is obviously better.

Q: I can’t order from my mobile
A: Try this link instead:

Q: I’m encountering errors during the registration process
A: contact [email protected] to receive support

Q: How long do I have access to the program?
A: You will have access for at least 5 years, probably for much longer.