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Effects of Intimate-Life coaching

I had 2 sessions with a woman in her 30s.

We worked on her story, on her limiting beliefs and tendencies that keep her stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled, and I empowered her to take control over her femininity, her sexuality and her life.

She wrote to tell me how she feels since the session, and has given her permission for me to publish it:

“What value did I get from this session?


energy to move

energy to make a change

insight its within my hands, its in my feet, in my movement, its right here in front of me

even if i can’t (in the middle of the grocery store or something) really jump and dance to release the mind, just thinking about jumping gives me al lot of energy and a big smile

i am responsible of my own life. I take responsibility of my own life. My partner(or anyone else) actually has nothing to do with my happiness or fulfillment.

i can see clearly why i did hold on to my sweet pleasing girly image….it’s easier to let it go now…

i feel my body more (in yoga i could feel how i am holding back my body also…could release more, stand stronger)

feel more present


i am a being…i have a voice…i can speak…i am speaking!

enjoy letting my hair down

more comfortable with who I am, how I look

my walk is different

my communication is more clear, stronger

My head/mind feels brighter (clear) free…

feel more joy”

~Finneke, Netherlands, April 2014


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