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“Conscious seduction” video interview by Eyal and Elphie Coyle

When i was young, i thought the way to get the girl i liked was to hide whenever she was around.
That didn’t work.

Then I thought that I should tell girls i love them and i want them to be my girlfriend.
That didn’t work.

In my early 20s I thought i need to talk with them, be their friend and prove how intelligent I was.
I kept hearing:
“Eyal you are such a NICE guy and i just want to be FRIENDS with you”.
That didn’t work.

In my late 20s I thought i should hit on as many women as possible and tell them i wanted to have sex with them right away.
That … kinda worked, sometimes, but it didn’t feel right.

Then in my early 30s I started to learn about dating, courtship and seduction.
I learned that I can still be a nice guy but still engage in sensual and sexual experiences with hundreds of women.

It wasn’t just a “fuck”. Those were meaningful, fun, orgasmic, loving and sacred experiences with women who would still love to chat with me today, and even more than that…

Some of those interactions lasted a (long…) night, some lasted days and weeks of beautiful romance and sexual opening, and some turned into meaningful relationships.

Animals learn about courtships by watching other animals.
Courtship is crucial to their survival.

But us humans – no one teaches us about courtship.

I’ve been talking with hundreds of male and female clients, and I hear people are confused, they are lonely, they are interested in someone but don’t know how to approach, they want to have casual sex but don’t know how to approach it, or they make advances which are too direct and end up crossing boundaries or scaring the other person away.

So i’ve decided to partner up with one of my best friends and an inspiring professional – Elphie Coyle – To share some of our joint experiences and ideas with you during a FB live video broadcast.

This is for both men and women who are interested to experience more love, pleasure and yummy interactions with others.