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Tantric life coaching for men

How connected do you feel to your deep masculine core?

How is this affecting your relationship, mission, and fulfilment in life?

Your life is inter-connected.

The sexual, romantic, creative, professional, social, and spiritual aspects of your life are all connected to, and influence, each other.
If you don’t feel deeply connected to your deep masculine essence or living your purpose, if affects all aspects of your life.

This is where Tantric life coaching can help you.

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Tantric life coaching

Tantric life coaching addresses the following realms:

  • Intimacy – sexuality and relationship
  • Conscious Business – doing what you love, sharing your gift with others and creating wealth
  • Growth – personal development, studies, and self- expression
  • Lifestyle – hobbies, well-being, abundance, and social life
  • Soul and spirit – life purpose, creativity and spirituality

Some of the benefits my ‘inner-circle’ clients enjoy include:

  • Self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance (How to stop being so hard on yourself)
  • Learning to last longer and bring your partner to bliss
  • Becoming more confident as a lover and a man
  • Connecting to your inner beast, warrior, lover, saint and king
  • Resolving addictions to masturbation, porn, alcohol, food and other dis-empowering tendencies
  • Improving your relationship with your partner or attracting special women into your life
  • Feeling more alive, vibrant and charged throughout the day!
  • Feeling less stuck in your head. Instead experiencing more embodiment, peace, relaxation and flow
  • Doing more meaningful work, expressing more of your gifts, helping more people in new ways
  • A greater sense of Freedom, Purpose and Fulfillment in biz and life

“Thank you for recognising my personal talents and for not letting me get away with self limiting beliefs.” ~Richard, Personal trainer


I should warn you though:

My coaching isn’t for everyone.

  • If you are looking for another saviour to solve your problems for you;
  • If you want to stay in your comfort zone and you aren’t willing to do what it takes;
  • Or if you are cynical, judgmental or close-minded,

…Then it isn’t for you !

But if you are serious and committed, your life will improve in 2 months and possibly transform in 6 months.

Eyal helped me become a successful men’s coach and improve my relationship

Eyal has helped me significantly to sort through the many limiting beliefs I was carrying that held me back in life. Ultimately he has helped me to fully recognise my gifts and develop the confidence necessary to share these gifts with others. He also helped me to overcome my blockages around money and business and to realise that these aspects of life can also be conscious. Because I now have much more confidence and energy my creativity has gone through the roof and I’ve decided to build my own Coaching Business with Eyal’s help and support.

My coaching session with Eyal was comprehensive, enlightening and fun.

Eyal doesn’t beat around the bush but his humour and playful energy keep it light while still going deep. I felt like I could really trust and feel his genuine joy in the work he does which allowed for me to grow and explore in safety. 

Who am I ?

My name is Eyal Matsliah, and i’m the author of ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing, and power’, which was an amazon best seller and received rave reviews.

I am on a mission to help people express their sexual, creative, and professional potential.

I’ve worked in corporate, lived for 8 years on a tropical island, explored intimacy with hundreds of women, worked as a sexual healer, did months and months of meditation retreats and have been turning my passions into income streams all my life.


Let’s have a session to see where you are at and how I can help you. You will receive valuable insights about your underlying issues and we will explore a few possible solutions.
If I see that we are a good ‘match’ for a coaching journey, I will invite you to join the exclusive ‘inner circle’ of private coaching clients.

To know more, schedule a taster session here

I’m looking forward to working with you and taking you to the next level in your sexual, professional and spiritual life.

With love and brotherhood,



How do you work?

Sessions are held over skype or phone, and last around an hour.
After each session you will receive my notes from the session, as well as an audio recording of the session.
My approach is very practical – I will always guide you in changing the things and taking the actions that will provide the greatest benefit.
During each session we will discuss and create your “homework” – this is a list of tasks and assignments that will help you anchor the change and transformation in your life.
This is one of the crucial aspects of the coaching process –  I will help and guide you, but it is YOU who is responsible for taking action.
In between sessions I will support you via email, so you can share how you’re doing and ask questions.
You will also receive access to exclusive information, resources and techniques that I only share with my “Inner circle” members.
There are other bonuses and surprises that are only available to my “inner circle” members.

What do we work on first - sexuality, business, or lifestyle?

We will first work on your sexuality, orgasmic experience, connection to both your feminine and your masculine energy.
We will discuss how to attract better women or to deepen the relationship with your existing partner.
The next step islooking at and deepening your connection to your life-purpose, soul and higher-self, and how they relate to and empower all other aspects of your life.
Then we will see how to harness your new sexual energy and your higher self worth and direct them to your business.
We will explore how to bring more of your values, gifts  and talents into your business;
how to provide more value to your clients;
and how to constantly raise your net worth.
After that, we will explore how you could grow and evolve in various aspects of your life, celebrate your creativity and express more of yourself.
Then we will look at your lifestyle, hobbies, wellbeing, and your connection with others in your community and society.
We will work on expressing and embodying your King archetype – this is the man who is sexual and loving, grounded but also spiritual, strong and independent but uses his power to serve others.

To know more, schedule a taster session here

What makes you qualified to coach me?

I’m the author of ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power’.
I have studied and practiced many forms of tantra, yoga, healing modalities, spirituality and coaching.
I have been helping, teaching, and coaching women and men for many years.
However, my biggest credentials are what my clients say about me.

How much does coaching cost?

The taster session is 100$US.
A single coaching session is 300$US (around 250 euro or $A400).
A coaching process obviously costs more than that, but includes many features on top of the coaching calls.

I'm not sure I can afford it.

If you think “that’s expensive”, then it’s probably not for you.
How much is it worth for you to be more orgasmic and have a better sex life?
I work with people who realize that if they invest in themselves, their life will change.
They know that apart from great sex and a more fulfilling life, they will also be able to make more money.
So I trust that if your growth and evolution are important for you – you will find the money.

I want to do it, but I need to wait a few months.

Sure, you can do that.
However, did you ever delay an important decision and ended up not taking action?
The experience of many coaches show that when people postpone an important decision, they end up waiting much longer then they planned.
Sometimes they never do it at all, and feel sorry for not taking action when they could have.
As a side note, I constantly raise my rates.
This is what I help my clients to do.
When you will be ready to afford the rate above, I will probably charge more, or much more.
So make sure you don’t miss out on the current rate, and book a session below.

I'm not sure I'm ready

Thank you for expressing that.
Reflect on where you are at in life, and how sexuality is affecting your life (Read more: how great sex transform your life)
You can continue to suppress and avoid your sexual issues, and miss out on the relationship, career and deep fulfilment you deserve.
Or you can let me guide you and see how your life changes within 2 months.

I'm not sure I am able to change. maybe it's too late?

This is one of the first limiting beliefs we will work on.
Everyone is able to change and improve their life.
And controlling your sexual energy makes it even easier.
Read what my clients say about me to get some inspiration about what’s possible for you.

I only want to work on a specific aspect, such as sexuality, or business. Is that possible?

Sure – We will focus on whatever you choose.
Just remember that the best results come from addressing your life in a holistic way.

I'm not sure I can trust you or that you can help me.

Thank you for admitting that.
If you’re not willing to trust, I can’t help you. Probably no one can.
Perhaps if you trust yourself – you will be able to trust and open to others?
Start with reading what my clients say about me, and feel free to contact any of the ones who have their name visible.
After that, we can can have a single session and then you could see what your intuition tells you.
I will only take you as a client if I trust that you are ready for it.

I feel ready to take the next step - what do I do?