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Case study – Ejaculating to satisfy your partner

An approximately  forty-year-old man shared this with me:

“My semen has beautiful healing qualities that my wife relishes and needs. With me leaving myself inside her she carries around hours and hours of post-coital pleasure that outlast anything my body can provide – I couldn’t deny her that!”

After asking him if he’s open to a straight-forward professional feedback, I wrote to him:

Oh boy. oh boy.
Yeah,  indeed semen has healing qualities, but giving your life-force away?  Nah.
I understand you’re not aware of the effects of ejaculation control and the amazing effects of holding it in. If you never held it while being sexual for more than a month – you don’t know.

Let go of the story, addiction and excuse.
Try a different way and then decide.
Own your power and choice with your woman instead of being swayed by her own stories and expectations.

Besides, take ownership and responsibility over both actively and passively pleasuring your woman.

Sorry if this is too harsh, but if you heed the advice, it might be the best thing you do for yourself.

Some of my best content that could help you is freely available here

… and everything starts with “Why”.

Take care buddy,



Was I too harsh on him?

How do you relate to his story/beliefs and how did your own experience change as a result of this practice?

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