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Biz advice for holistic practitioners (cuddlers and more)


I was asked by a cuddle professional about raising her rates and reaching her ideal client.

i started writing a few bullet points, and 2 hours later, ended up with a 1000 words article.

So while the advice is specific to her as a cuddle professional, i feel it would serve other holistic and creative professionals, so decided to share it with you.

I’d love to know if and how it serves you as well – what are 1-3 things you learned or gonna do, or even just got reminded of.
Comment below.


Hey Sarah,

Thanks for asking.

I’ve shared a lot so feel free to just take what you resonate with right now, and consider coming back to it in time.

Mindset, values and beliefs:

The first thing to do is to clear any limiting beliefs, language, body language or actions that you might have around self-worth, imposter syndrome, money/wealth/business, authority, power, freedom, sovereignty, expression, success etc. What other barriers, limitations, negative things do you perceive in or around you?

I’ve written this for healers but it might serve you:

Have you got enough training and did enough free, cheap, exchange and entry-level-rate sessions to feel super confident about yourself as a practitioner?

Obviously, apart from all the business stuff, keep learning and practicing your craft and get mentorship if possible.

Define and position yourself:

How are you different than other cuddlers?
What is the biggest value/gift/benefit that you bring to your clients?
What are the direct and indirect benefits eg how is it affecting their life, work, relationship, health, social interactions ?

Who is your ideal client whom really needs you, can pay your premium rates, is easy to work with and the potential benefits are worth to them more than to others? Describe them in detail. How does their day look like? What keeps them up at night? Where are they hanging out ? And most important, what media, brands or influencers do they follow?

Who needs your services and doesn’t even know you exist ?

Business and rates:

Sign your clients up for a series of sessions, not just one-offs.

Ask your clients to refer you to their friends.

See what other services you can offer your existing or past clients. I’ve started with “yoni massage” in 2009 but since 2014 i’ve added sexual, creative, professional, lifestyle and spiritual guidance. oh, and most recently, dance-healing and partnered dance classes.

Whenever you get consistently fully booked for a while, according to what that means for you, eg 5 or 10 or 20 or sessions a week, raise your rates by 30-100% (eg. double them), not less than %30!

You might need to clear some of the above limiting beliefs, again and again, as you go along, and learn some strategy about the best way to do this. I’ve went from US$20 per session in thailand to US$100 when i arrived in australia to US$700 (AU$1000) in a few years, and settled on $600.

Create your own simple basic website, or use your own personal fb profile, or create a page (fb professional pages and likes are overrated. more on that later)

Ask for video testimonials or at least text testimonials from your clients. Share them on your social media (SM) and website and in responses to email inquiries.

Expand your services – counseling, coaching, etc.

Share your personal story that got you to become a cuddler. Focus on challenges and transformation moments.

Collaborate with other professionals who might refer their clients to you for love or commission.

Create joint offerings with other professionals, eg cuddle+yoga or cuddle+DancingEros or cuddle+speed-dating.

Promote or sell other people’s services and products that might serve your clients.

Hold cuddle parties.

Reach out to events, festivals, weddings, and offer to hold workshops and sessions.
Maybe even corporate workshops for more relaxed companies, if HR/legal can approve ?

Become an authority:

Move from being a practitioner to being an authority.
Then you can gradually raise your rates, choose your clients and work exactly as you see fit.

Offer 1:1s for now, but start creating 1:few, 1:many and 1:masses content and various price-point offerings, such as evening workshops, day-long or weekend workshops, ebooks and online programs.

What do you keep saying and repeating in every session? Turn this into paid or free content. That’s why i’ve published a book, created workshops, videos, articles and online programs.

Create content – SM status updates, articles, images, audio, video – that brings value to people, eg, demos, personal stories, case studies, teach people how to hug and cuddle, etc.
(over 70,000 people arrive at my website every month (!) because i’ve been publishing content for years).

Find the content which is easiest for you to create and has the biggest impact.
Down the road, get help or exchange or hire to create more and better content.
Hint: First, give your best content for free, and trust that people will come for more.

Share content, answer questions and interact with people on relevant social media channels, daily or multiple times a day. Collect emails via a service like mailchimp, not just likes and followers on social media, which can disappear when the platform folds or changes its rules. 1 email is better than 10 likes or followers.

Once you start getting some exposure, ask to be featured on cuddlist.

Pitch articles (and your own story) to media in parallel industries – women/men empowerment, relationships, wellness, healing, conscious sexuality, even business.
Pitch yourself as a guest (speaker) in events, podcasts and youtube channels in the same and similar industries .

Create offerings for your colleagues and new practitioners;
Become a cuddle teacher and help cuddlers become better professionals.

Create a free/cheap “how to cuddle” video course.

Interview cuddlers and other related professionals who have following and/or connections.

In time, consider leaving cuddlist if their rules are restrictive for you.


And most important, understand that learning business is just as important as learning your art and craft.
Spend time and money about the business side – books, workshops, coaching, etc.

Start with “book yourself solid”:
GaryVee’s “crushing it”: (VERY relevant to you. Reading and loving this one now)
and possibly Seth Godin whom i love and read/listened/watched hundreds of hours of.:

All throughout the journey, remember to self-care, rest, have fun, find the natural flow, receive healing and cuddles, and take vacations.

Let me know what you resonate with from these suggestions, and what value it already brings you.
And I’d loooooove to hear from you in a month about how it’s unfolding.

Hugs and Cuddles,



If you have any questions about sexual, creative or professional empowerment, please comment below or PM me or email [email protected]

You can start with lots of free resources here: