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Awakening female pleasure workshops


After over 10 years of sexual healing and coaching, I’m excited to announce that i’m starting to share my experience with individuals and sexuality professionals.

My goal is:
To teach men how to touch, pleasure, heal and empower women
To teach sexuality professionals to serve and empower clients on a deeper level

I’ve started my journey all those years ago with penetrative sexual healing for my lovers and then with “yoni massage” for my clients.

From the very beginning, i saw the deep and long-lasting effects of this work on women.

I’ve helped women to resolve trauma, to dissolve physical pain, to accept their genitals and their body, to embrace their femininity, to surrender to my masculine guidance and in the same time to be more empowered and independent as women, to enjoy pleasure and orgasms like never before, to stay in an orgasmic state for hours and to experience spiritual connection with their higher self and with the universe.

The first years saw 4-5 hours sessions that included a whole body massage, tantric body work, verbal therapy, coaching de-armoring, pressure points, rituals and many other techniques.

I realized that it wasn’t actually a “yoni massage. It wasn’t just a massage and wasn’t just about a woman’s yoni. I still cringe when I hear practitioners use this term. I can only hope they use it to attract those looking for it.

Through the years, i realized that I could use less and less deep physical touch, and instead use light touch, energy work, my voice and my presence to guide the woman to go deeper and higher.

I had sessions when I was hardly touching the woman, not even that “hands over the body” energy/ethereal thing, but I could still keep her in an ecstatic state for hours. I became aware that the less I “DID”, the more i was able to channel and allow the magic to unfold.

“There I was, a person who not so long ago felt almost asexual and pleasure-fobic, in a sort of full body orgasm that lasted for more than two hours… I don´t think I would ever dared on my own or with a lover.” ~ Elena, Medical doctor and Researcher, Sweden

I see men and sexual practitioners being confined to routines, techniques and dogmas that are stopping their evolution and limiting the impact on their clients and lovers.

While I still use some of the techniques and modalities that i’ve used in the past, i saw that I could pleasure, heal and empower a woman regardless of the situation, even if she’s fully clothed, I’m hardly touching her and we’re in a public place with people around us.

I’ve realized that this work isn’t just about the session and what I do, but about what the client does before, during and after the session.

This is a new paradigm in sexual healing and empowerment.
It embraces all the modalities, but transcends the individual systems into a coherent approach.

I call this work “Holistic sexual healing”.

This is what I want to teach sexual practitioners and everyone who would like to pleasure, heal and empower women.

I want to show you how to use your existing knowledge and experience and to integrate it with “holistic sexual healing”.

I’m holding a weekend workshop for practitioners and couples/duos in Melbourne on September 3rd-4th 2016. Tickets here.

Regardless of how much training and experience you have, I promise you that this workshop will serve you as a practitioner, a lover and a human being.
Although my focus is on women, you could take what you learn to work with men as well.

To get a taste of what will be covered in the workshop, i’m holding an intimate intro evening August 25th 2016 7-10pm, at my house. Tickets here.


  1. Hi, please tell me you have more workshop dates this year in Melbourne. If so, when and where….
    Thank you

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