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Amber Leitz interviews Eyal

Amber Leitz podcast

I was interviewed by Amber Leitz about Hour Long Orgasms, Deep Sexual Healing and Surrendering to the Masculine.

Here’s what we talked about in this episode:

  • Eyal’s journey with sexual awakening and how he came to explore female sexuality
  • Orgasmic activation that will allow you to enter into an hour-long orgasmic state – without even needing to be touched
  • What women are really seeking and hungry for when it comes to sex, orgasm and pleasure
    Practical and pleasurable ways to call in a man by letting go of the boys (his poem gave me whole body chills)
  • The seductive, feminine way to let your man know what you want sexually without hurting his feelings or making him feel inadequate
  • Expanding your orgasm into a whole body or internalized blissful experience that is implosive, fulfilling and deeply pleasurable (not quick, shallow and disconnecting)



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