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Agama, Swami and where I stand

Some of you might have heard the news that are rocking the tantra and yoga world.

The gist of it is that in an online article, swami, the founder and main teacher of Agama, has been accused of rape and multiple acts of sexual harassment. Other teachers have also been accused of such acts or covering up for such acts.

Read the (28 min read, NSFW) article at the bottom.

I was at agama 2005-2011.

Swami and Agama changed my life, and put me on the path I’m on – empowering people with their sexuality and life purpose.

I’ve seen many other people – men and women – who evolved and transformed during their time at agama, be it months or years.

I know many women who had sex with swami who are VERY positive about their experiences, with sentences such as “Swami made me the orgasmic woman I am today”. Some were propositioned by him, others sought him because they figured out he could help them, or they were just curious.

Swami personally supported me on my journey as a man, a yogi and a sexual healer and said something that inspires me to this day – “You and I are very different. Go out there and change a million lives”. He is the first person i thank in my book “Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to Pleasure, Healing, and Power”.

I came to Agama to be a better lover, and my life changed.
As i liked to sat “Agama – came for the sex, stayed for god”.

I quit smoking weed, started practicing Yoga, learned about the deep aspects of Yoga and Tantra, started meditating, and found a deep connection to spirituality, first through Agama, then through Sahajananda, Swami’s friend from the Romanian Misa school, who have gone on to open his own school Hridaya.

I was also supported by Maha through physiological, mental and emotional challenges. She is one of the most gifted healers that i know, integrating western medicine, homeopathy and yogic healing modalities. If i ever get a serious illness, she is the first person i’m gonna seek.

There are many theories and practices that I learned at Agama that i still use and cherish.

And yes there were other less-positive aspects to Agama.

I’ve also heard rumors and noticed some behaviors i didn’t appreciate.

I’ve always been skeptical and vocal about many things in the teachings and the operations.

Since i left at 2011 and received teachings from other sexuality schools, i started re-examining the beliefs and practices i’ve received at agama, and have found some to be false, disempowering and disharmonious to myself and others. I’m still on this journey of re-examination and i believe it might take years.

There is a lot of gold at Agama, and there’s some fake gold.

I find that with this situation, many people are projecting their own stuff at Swami/Agama, and also fall into the good/evil judgements.

I am reminded of my journey, my own stuff that i still need to work on, and I’m doing that with two female practitioners, and occasionally with men whom I feel are integrated.

If you feel that i’ve ever crossed your boundaries, personally or professionally, kindly PM me.

As for what I believe should happen with Agama (not that anyone asked me…).

I believe Swami should step down, that the school should work with the “agamis for ahimsa” group and possibly external people to create, and ensure enforcement of, a code of conduct.

I feel sadness writing this.
I still love and am grateful for Swami.
It’s challenging to write all of the above.
But as far as ahimsa and satyam are concerned, this is where i stand.

Here’s the article: