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47 y/o woman becomes massively orgasmic after reading Orgasm Unleashed

“I am a 47 year old woman who has been with my husband for over 20 years.

I got your book to learn more about female ejaculation. What I got instead was so much more.

I have never had a problem having an orgasm quite the contrary I have always had multiple orgasms ranging from little waves of pleasure to screaming with body convulsions out of my control. I didn’t think I needed a sexual awakening. Boy I was wrong! I have been reading your book and doing the exercises. I have masturbated just about every day for over a week. I called my husband in the middle of a climax so he could hear me pleasuring myself.

over the last several years or sex life has dwindled down to a FEW times per year. I am a very sexual woman who to quote my husband “Can get horny by a slight breeze”.

I have never been one to masturbate very often. Well I am now!! I have found it not only has opened my mind and body up to bigger better longer climactic experiences but in new ways. My husband and I have had incredible sex in the last week!! The first time I was in an hour long climax!! That was a first. Than a few days later I woke my husband up with a very sexy bra and garter set that made me cum just putting it on!! I never knew how easy it was to please myself without touching my clit! I happen to LOVE my breast and because of your book am learning to love EVERY inch of my body inside and out. Loving the stretch marks that I earned from having 4 children. I’m learning to love the scars on my body from surgeries and even the extra fat that has caused me to not want to be naked in the light. I can’t thank you enough!
Him and I were able to have great anal sex that I actually begged him for! I have never begged for it before!
Than there was the other morning where I finally was able to get my husband to do something he never does…He believes in making love as do I but there are times you just want to be FUCKED hard fast and quick. So that’s what he gave me. He fucked me and I swear in that 10 minutes I came continuously!! It was dripping down my legs. I was still in that state you talk about where you are just sexually aware and blissful. So what did he do? While holding me and cuddling he began to feel my yoni to see just how wet I was. The gentle massage set me over the edge again but shaking uncontrollably.
I can’t believe that we have had sex more times in a week and a half than we did all year last year. Than there was today!! I did as your book instructed and gave myself 3 hours to really massage my yoni, open up to sounds, movement and just letting go of any preconceived goals of how my body should react! Oh my gosh it was the single most incredible self love pleasure time I have ever had! I have no idea how many times I came but it was dozens upon dozens! I literally had to wash my sheets because I sweat so much. I also covered my sheets with the sweetest tasting cum I have ever had tasted!! I had my cum all over my lips from licking it off my fingers and off the dildo my husband just bought me. He got that one because it’s the same size as him! I even had the throat orgasm your book talked about!
How can one thank you enough for opening up my sexuality in new ways? My husband and I both thank you!!

On a side note we have not slept in the same room our whole marriage due to my and his medical conditions. We cuddle all the time and are always holding hands or touching in some way. I agree that sleeping apart has made us long for each other more! I still get butterflies when I see him and blush when he talks about sex with me. Now we have opened up an even deeper level of lovemaking and that’s thanks to you!

With much love (and the taste of my goddess juice still on my lips) thank you again!”


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