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Beyond Yoni Massage Workshop




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15-16 July in Brisbane. More details here

How would it feel like to bring your partner to ecstasy?

How would it feel to allow yourself to relax, receive, and embody pleasure?

How would it affect your relationship and your life?

“Eternally grateful!” ~ Layla Martin, Sexuality educator, USA.

We learn how to speak, how to eat, how to drive.
We study maths, and history, and our chosen profession.
We take guitar lessons and Spanish lessons and salsa classes.

But no one teaches us how to have sex.

We’re supposed to somehow figure it all out by ourselves.

People watch porn, hoping to learn something, and it FUC*S them up even deeper.

We awkwardly fumble with each other’s bodies, trying to get it right.

This is another reason people are dissatisfied with their sexuality.
And sexual dissatisfaction leads to frustration, infidelity and relationship break down.

I’m here to change it.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women and helped them tap into their femininity, deep pleasure and power.

I’ve created this workshop to teach you what I know.

“Eyal has taught me to take control of my sexual energy.” ~
Shaney Marie, Sexuality Guide & Sacred Arts Educator, Australia



This workshop will consist of lectures, demonstrations and partnered practices.

“The highlight is always the practice, being able to actually do it and to see Eyal facilitate so beautifully” ~Krystal Alexander Hill

Men: Learn how to pleasure, heal and empower your woman with yoni massage.

Women: Learn how to receive from your man, relax and embody ecstatic pleasure.

This isn’t about sex.
It’s about learning to feel, to sense, to perceive.
It’s about owning and expressing all parts of yourself.
It’s about leading another person to places they can’t go by themselves.
It’s about embracing your power and your softness.
It’s about life.

“Opens up realms for the deepest transformation!” ~ Sanna, sexual healer, Sweden

Sexual practitioners – you can use this workshop as practitioner-training. Although my focus is on women, you could take what you learn to work with men as well.







More Info:

In this workshop we will explore not only techniques, but the attitudes, flow and power available to us that create the space for women to really open, heal and experience pleasure. And women will learn how to deeply receive and accept this pleasure, healing and power, that is rightfully theirs.

I’ve been studying and practicing yoni massage for over 15 years, holding holistic sexual healing sessions for hundreds of women, teaching all over the world, and published the best selling book “Orgasm Unleashed”.

What is Yoni Massage ?

Yoni , pronounced yo-nee, is the Sanskrit word for “vagina” , and means “sacred temple” or “sacred space”.
The art and practice of yoni massage is a part of sexual tantra and sacred intimacy.

Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing and massaging the whole body, focusing on the neck and shoulders, buttocks, breasts, hip-joint, and finally the outside and then inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of the body.

Although it’s called a “massage”, it’s not only a massage.
I’ll be teaching you how to pleasure, heal and empower your partner with your presence, voice and light touch.

Yoni massage is meant to work on and involve all the chakras (energy centers), elements (air, water, etc.), and on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels/aspects.
Yoni massage is recommended and beneficial for nearly all women.

Yoni massage can be done by itself and for itself, or as part of
tantric love-making, either before during or after the sexual act; it can be done between same-sex or opposite-sex friends, between lovers or with a therapist.

Read dozens of testimonials here.



Q:Are you feeling challenged, apprehensive, or reluctant to join the workshop?

A:If yes, maybe that means your current sexual issues are stopping you from becoming happier, more free, and living a more meaningful life?

If you think your sex life is already good, ask yourself how much better it could be.

How much more pleasure can you experience?

How much more pleasure and healing can you bring to another person?

How can you use your sexual energy to transform all aspects of your life?

How can you harness your sexual energy to become more successful, wealthy, healthy and wise while giving meaningful value to others?


Q:“I can’t join because I’m single.”

A: Not true…you will be a great asset to our workshop!

As a single attending the workshop, you will become more independent and empowered in your sexuality helping you to attract better partners.

You might even meet someone at the workshop…it’s happened before!

If you wait until you have a partner, there might not be another workshop or you may be in situation where you won’t have the money.

Perhaps your future partner will be too busy that weekend or worse, won’t be willing to join you in this kind of workshop.

So, if you can join by yourself, please do.


Q:“I can’t afford it.”

A: How much are your sexual problems costing you and are you giving them the priority they deserve?

How is your career, income and wealth suffering because you haven’t properly addressed the issues surrounding your sexuality?

If you learn how to properly cultivate and channel your sexual energy, how much more money could you be making in the coming months?

Hint: Don’t underestimate the role your sexual energy plays in powering your financial security and growth.

To make it easier for you, here are two options:

  1. Borrow the money from friends, and pay the early bird price
  2. Pay using a 3-month payment plan…this option includes a $30 administration fee. Contact us to find out more.


Q:“Can I join only Saturday or Sunday?”

A: No. you have to attend the entire workshop


Q:“How can I become an affiliate for the workshop?”

A:All of the affiliate information can be found here:


Q:“I can’t join because my partner can’t come.”

A: If you are reading this, it probably means that addressing issues surrounding your sexuality is important to you.

Your partner might never be ready for this workshop, or find the time for it.

Do you want to stop your own personal evolution and growth because your partner can’t attend?

Again, you will never be expected to participate in any exercise you feel uncomfortable about or with any other person, man or woman, that you do not wish to work with.

This is a Fun, SAFE and Sacred environment.

And just think, when you go home to your partner, you will have so much knowledge and homework to share with them!

Even if only one of you attends the workshop, both of you will benefit IMMENSELY from it!


Q: I live half way across the world

A: It is my passion and mission to spread these teachings and I travel around the world holding workshops and sessions. If you would like to organize a workshop, venue, and at least 15 participants, contact to get more details



For questions and inquiries about the Awakening Female Pleasure Tantra Workshop, please contact: